Subject   : アメリカの州と地域の愛称

カテゴリー  : その他  


州名 地域 郵便 愛称・異称
Alabama 米国南東部 Ala., AL the Heart of Dixie
the Cotton State
the Yellowhammer State
Alaska 米国北西部 Alas., AK the Last Frontier
the Land of the Midnight Sun
the Great Land
the Mainland State
Arizona 米国南西部 Ariz., AZ the Grand Canyon State
the Apache State
the Baby State
Arkansas 米国中南部 Ark., AR the Land of Opportunity
theBear [Wonder] State
the Bowie State
the Wonder State
California 米国太平洋岸 Calif.,
CA the Golden State
Colorado 米国西部略 Colo., CO the Centennial State
Connecticut 米国北東部 Conn., CT the Constitution State
the Nutmeg State
the Land of Steady Habits
the Freestone State
Delaware 米国東部 Del., DE the Diamond State
the First State
the Blue Hen State
District of Columbia D.C., DC
Florida 米国南東端および
Fla., FL the Sunshine State
the Peninsular State
the Alligator State
the Everglade State
the Orange State
Georgia 米国南東部 Ga., GA the Empire State of the South
the Cracker Statethe Buzzard State
the Goober State
the Peach State
the Yankee Land of the South
Hawaii ハワイ諸島 Haw., HI the Aloha State
the Paradise of the Pacific
Idaho 米国北西部 Id(a)., ID the Gem State
the Gem of the Mountains
the Little Ida
Illinois 米国中部 Ill., IL the Prairie State
the Corn State
the Sucker State
the Land of Lincoln
Indiana 米国中部 Ind., IN the Hoosier State
Iowa 米国中部 Ia., IA the Hawkeye State
Kansas 米国中部 Kan(s), KS the Sunflower State
the Jayhawker State
Kentucky 米国中東部 Ky.,
KY the Bluegrass State
the Corncracker State
the Dark and Bloody Ground
the Tobacco State
Louisiana 米国南部 La., LA the Pelican State
the Sugar State
the Creole State
Maine 米国北東部 Me., ME the Pine tree State
the Lumber State
the Down East
Maryland 米国東部大西洋岸 Md., MD the Old Line State
the Free State
Massachusetts 米国北東部 Mass., MA the Bay State
the (Old) Bar State
the Puritan State
Michigan 米国中北部 Mich., MI the Wolverine [Great Lake] State
the Auto State
the Water Wonderland
Minnesota 米国中北部 Minn., MN the North Star State
the Gopher State
the Bread and Butter State
the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes
Mississippi 米国中南部 Miss., MS the Magnolia State
the Eagle State
the Mudcat State
Missouri 米国中部 Mo., MO the Show Me State
the Bullion State
the Iron Mountain State
Montana 米国北西部 Mont., MT the treasure State
the Bonanza State
the Stubtoe State
Nebraska 米国中西部 Neb(r)., NE the Cornhusker State
the Blackwater State
the tree Planters State
Nevada 米国西部 Nev., NV the Silver State
the Sagebrush State
the Battle-Born State
New Hampshire 米国北東部 N.H., NH the Granite State
the White Mountain State
New Jersey 米国東部 N.J., NJ the Garden State
the Clam State(蛤)
New Mexico 米国南西部 N.M(ex)., NM the Land of Enchantment
the Sunshine State
New York 米国北東部 N.Y., NY the Empire State
the Excelsior State(高い)
North Carolina 米国南部 N.C., NC the Tar Heel State
the Old North State
the Turpentine State
North Dakota 米国中西部 N.Dak.,
ND the Sioux State(スー族)
the Flickertail State(リス)
the Peace Garden
Ohio 米国北東部 O., OH the Buckeye State
the Yankee State
Oklahoma 米国南部 Okla., OK the Sooner State
the Boomer's Paradise
Oregon 米国西部 Ore(g)., OR the Beaver State
the Sunset State
the Webfoot State
Pennsylvania 米国東部 Pa.,
PA the Keystone State(中心)
the Quaker State(クエーカー)
the Coal State(石炭)
Rhode Island 米国北東部 R.I., RI the Little Rhody
the Plantation State
South Carolina 米国南東部大西洋岸 S.C., SC the Palmetto State(ヤシ)
the Iodine State(ヨード)
South Dakota 米国中央北部 S. Dak.,
SD the Coyote State
the Sunshine State
Tennessee 米国南東部 Tenn., TN the Volunteer State
the Hog and Hominy State
the Big Bend State
the Butternut State
Texas 米国南西部 Tex., TX the Lone Star State
the Banner State
the Beef State
the Jumbo State
Utah 米国西部 Ut. UT the Beehive State
the Mormon State
the Desert State
the Salt Lake State
Vermont 米国北東部 Vt., VT the Green Mountain State
Virginia 米国東部 Va., VA the Old Dominion
the Commonwealth
the Mother of Presidents
the Cavalier State
Washington 米国北西端 Wash., WA the Evergreen State
the Chinook State
West Virginia 米国東中部 W.Va., WV the Mountain State
the Panhandle State
the Mountain State
the Switzerland of America
Wisconsin 米国北中部 Wis.,
WI the Badger State(あなぐま)
Wyoming 米国北西部 Wyo.,
WY the Equality State
the Sagebrush State


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